Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo with VBox HD at Sepang, Malaysia

Here’s an exciting video shot from onboard the new Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO car that is being used in the Ferrari Challenge. Here you can see drive for APM Monaco tackle the demanding Sepang circuit.

The 458 Challenge EVO is fitted with an aerodynamic kit that has further enhanced performance when it comes to balance and its cornering ability, thanks mainly to the new rear wing.


VBOX HD is a miniature, rugged bullet camera designed to capture difficult action shots that other cameras can’t capture. The super fast 720p Global shutter CMOS sensor totally eliminates distortion caused by vibration of fast paced action, whilst its tiny size makes it extremely versatile and discrete.

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Camera Specification:

– Sensor: CMOS Global Shutter progressive

– Sensor size: 1/3″

– Sensor resolution: 1.3 Mega Pixels

– Lens: 60°

– Resolution: 1280×720

– Frame Rate: 30fps

– Dynamic Range: 61.3 db

– Cable length: 3m

– 60° lens size: 56.75mm length Ø 21mm

– Camera Mounting: Standard 1/4″ UNC Mounting thread

– Operating Temperature: -30°c to +70°c

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VBox HD Ferrari 458 Challenge Development by


Development of Ferrari 458 Challenge Asia Pacific series VBox HD, is at the final stage as we draws near to the season opener at Sepang, Malaysia.

VBox HD Motorsport, designed with Motorsport in mind, the new VBOX HD gives you crisp, high definition images supported by high quality GPS data captured at 10 times per second.

The superfast, 720p global shutter CMOS sensor totally eliminates distortion caused by vibration or fast paced action which normally arises from using a rolling shutter, whilst its tiny size camera it extremely versatile and discrete.

online-storeStunning HD graphics can be produced in post-processing and overlaid onto your recorded video, enhancing the footage even further.

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高清 VBox HD 法拉利458挑战赛系統由Grid Motorsport Co. 开发

專為亚太法拉利458挑战赛系列設計的高清VBox HD发展已進入最后阶段。

高清VBox HD,使用坚固耐用的子弹头用来捕捉高清晰度,高难度动作拍摄图像,其它相机无法捕捉,更以10Hz高品质的GPS数据支持数据分析。


Ferrari 458 Challenge 2014 Calendar – Are you ready?

The new season for Ferrari 458 Challenge 2014 kicks off next week in Daytona, USA. The new season welcomes the new 458 Challenge Evoluzione upgrade, with obvious aerodynamic enhancements.

The key difference is the rear wing, which has been developed using experience gained in GT racing. The increased down-force generated by the wing, balanced at the front by work carried out to the splitter and the under-tray, is said to allow drivers to extend the limits of the car, meaning higher cornering and top speeds.

Ferrari says drivers of the 458 Challenge Evoluzione can expect improved performance, both in terms of laps times and over long distances, compared to the outgoing car. Expect a Fiorano lap time less than the 1:16.5 set by the 458 Challenge back in 2010.


On the sporting side, the most significant changes concern the format of the weekend (a qualifying session and its relative race on Saturday, a further qualifying and the second race on Sunday, an increase of more than four hours total driving time,) the introduction of a handicap system (the first three in each race will each get a grid penalty for the next race – 6 places for the winner, 4 for second and two for third – , only one driver allowed per car and a split in the Trofeo Pirelli classification between a Pro and an Am category.

The points system covers the top 10 in each category (20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1) as well as a point for each event entered, each pole position and each fastest race lap.

The Asia Pacific series gets underway in Sepang 21-23 February with the Ferrari Racing Day, which is then repeated in Sydney on -13 April for the start of the Oceania part of the season. Shanghai (6-8 June) will host a scaled down version of Racing Days which will be repeated with an identical format from 19 to 21 September in Fuji: in between there will be a round in Inje (4-6 July) and at another Japanese venue (22-24 August.)

The Finali Mondiali, which will also feature the final rounds of all three championships, will for the first time take place outside Europe, at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit from 3 to 6 December.


HTCC Rd 6: The Rocket Start – Sunny Wong, Sepang International Circuit

HKAA Hong Kong Touring Car Championship returns to Sepang, Malaysia for their Round 5 & 6 of their championship. The drivers were greeted with the usual scorching heat and humid weather.

After some dramatic development of races through the 4 rounds, Sunny Wong of Team Repsol China Dragon Racing team, who was running 5th place in the championship, had it all to do to chase for the 2012 title.

All through practice Sunny was struggling to find the right pace with the initial setting, after making some key changes with suspension setup, he got the pole lap with 0.3 seconds clear of P2.
HTCC Rd 6: The Rocket Start – Sunny Wong, Sepang International Circuit

With the race grid lined up with Super Production S2000, then N2000, it was a real mix of slower S2000 into the leading N2000 cars, dicing through some of the S2000 Sunny had a faultless race coming home 1st with team mate Alex Hui coming close behind.

Round 6 saw the grid switching through the positions, with Sunny linned up 6th. Sunny had a rocket start taking down 4 cars on the main straight, then out braking the final car just before turn 1. Another faultless race saw him dicing with S2000 cars out running the pack with superb pace. Completing the weekend with a double win.

Check out his rocket start video on: