Ferrari 458 Challenge @ Sydney Motorsport Park – VBox HD onboard Ringo Cheung in the wet

VBox HD onboard with Ringo Cheung in the wet Sydney Motorsport Park race circuit.

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The Sydney leg of the Ferrari Asia Pacific Challenge kept viewers on the edge of their seats at Ferrari Racing Days today. The Ferrari APAC Challenge was led by Max Blancardi from Italy in the Pirelli Pro classification who took the chequered flag in Race 2 of the Trofeo Pirelli.


The Pirelli classification of experienced drivers saw more competition, with Philippe Prette from Hong Kong taking the top spot on the podium in Race 2 with a racing time of 30:11:80, crossing the finish line just one second ahead of Steve Wyatt from Australia who took second spot while Peter White, also from Australia, took third spot.

In the Coppa Shell classification, Race 2 saw lots of exciting action as the drivers battled it out on the tracks. David Tjiptobiantoro from Indonesia won with a racing time of 30:17:18, finishing fourth overall and ahead of Paul van Loenhout from Australia and Tani Hanna from Lebanon.



Coming Soon: VBox Lap Timer (Stand Alone OLED Display) – Q1, 2014

VBox Lap Timer (Stand Alone OLED Display)

We have seen and used the Video VBox accessory OLED multifunction display, it was the perfect tool for immediate feed back to the driver on their driving. Even more of the perfect tool for Endurance racing where every constant second throughout the lap times wins or loses the race. Also a perfect companion for qualifying, seeing how much time you are gaining or losing to your best lap.

Now this tool is even more accessible as we launch the Stand Alone version of the OLED display – VBox Lap Timer.

As the name states it’s a stand alone system for recording GPS data with it’s OLED display, as a bonus you can also keep using this display if you decided to upgrade to the Video VBox system as a Plug and Play accessory.

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Instant driver feedback for real-time driver development

Track time is expensive, so finding the best lines and vehicle setup as quickly as possible is very important to both professional and amateur drivers. Predictive lap timing can play a major part in achieving this, especially if it is derived from ever more reliable GPS.

What is predictive lap timing?

Predictive lap timing has been available for some time, but traditional methods have generally relied on a distance measurement (normally from a wheel speed sensor input) for calculation. However, distances lap-to-lap almost always change: either by trying different lines, overtaking other cars, or perhaps by locking a wheel. Predicting a lap time accurately using this variable is nigh-on impossible, and is exacerbated on longer circuits.


Unrivalled accuracy using GPS

We employ GPS position from a fast updating data logger rather than distance to align the reference and comparison laps. Whilst GPS position may only be accurate to a few metres, a typical average race speed would be well in excess of 30m/s, minimising any errors to around 1/10th of a second.

This offers unrivalled accuracy even if the driver takes a completely different line each lap. The system will maintain 0.1s precision the entire way around any circuits, including very long circuits such as the Nurburgring or Spa.

The technology has been built into our high brightness OLED dashboard display, which can be connected to the Video VBOX product range. It is also a feature of our Performance Meters.

It provides drivers with accurate, real-time lap comparison, and it works at any track. You do not need any external beacons, and there is no setting up required.

Predictive lap timing adds another element to data logging, as drivers have a real-time comparison of their current lap against their previously recorded best lap – so they will always be trying to beat it. It means they can judge the effectiveness of different lines and get immediate feedback on the graphical display of how much time they’re losing or gaining.


How accurate is it?

As an example, we can study the two best laps during a race from a professional driver around the 1.6 mile Silverstone National Circuit in the UK.

The rolling distance variation was 11.6m even though the lap time difference was only 0.06s. This equates to an analysis alignment error of 0.3s, and this is around a very short track, with a very good driver. On a longer track with a less consistent driver, this error can easily grow to over 1s!

However, by using GPS position, the timing error between these laps is virtually eliminated. GPS means that the time can be kept accurate to within 1/10th of a second.



The real time nature of predictive lap timing makes it great for honing racing skills and getting an immediate impression of how much time you are losing or gaining.

It’s good for working on techniques such as slip-streaming, because slight adjustments show up immediately in the display. It’s also invaluable where there are a variety of different lines that you can take.

On the banked Homestead Circuit at Miami, I was able to see instantly which line along the long banked corner was quickest.

Nigel Greensall, professional racing driver and coach

New LapTimer app for VBOX Sport now available on the Apple App Store


LapTimer is a powerful lap timing app which works with the internal GPS of the iPhone or as a companion to the VBOX Sport which uses a high accuracy GPS receiver to enhance the capabilities of your iPhone.

Collecting GPS data at 20 times per second the VBOX Sport provides a level of accuracy currently unheard of with iPhone and iPad apps. Our LapTimer app uses this data to provide you with accurate lap times and predictive lap times for your vehicle.

You can use your iPhone or iPad to display your speed, your current lap time, your predicted lap time or a list of previous lap times all using the same VBOX technology used by many of the world’s major motor manufacturers and car magazines.


Key features

  • Auto track selection – based on your current location and using our comprehensive track map database, no need to set the start/finish line
  • Predicted lap time – using unique Racelogic algorithms to predict your current lap time based on your reference lap with delta-t shown in a red/green bar graph
  • Display current speed or maximum speed in mph or km/h
  • List of lap times, including sector times where available
  • Custom circuit creation – create your own track or circuit and start/finish line if required
  • Save your lap data in a Racelogic .vbo file for analysis in Circuit Tools software
  • Range of configuration options

All of the apps functionality is available when you are connected to a 20Hz VBOX Sport via Bluetooth to an iOS device running iOS 6.0 or later. If you are not connected to a VBOX Sport the app will use the 1Hz internal GPS of your Apple device with a corresponding reduction in accuracy.

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VBOX HD Motorsport – Improved HD Video Graphics

Racelogic VBOX HD is a miniature, rugged bullet camera designed to capture difficult action shots that other cameras can’t capture. The superfast 720p Global shutter CMOS sensor totally eliminates distortion caused by vibration of fast paced action, whilst its tiny size makes it extremely versatile and discrete.

Stunning HD graphics can be produced in post-processing and overlaid onto your recorded video, enhancing the footage even further.

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This VBOX HD package contains the following:

VBOX HD logger

GPS Antenna


Cigar lighter power cable

8Gb SDHC Card

60° HD Bullet Camera

Suction mount and camera mount ring

Circuit Tools data analysis software

Camera Preview Monitor

Camera Specification:

– Sensor: CMOS Global Shutter progressive

Sensor size: 1/3″

Sensor resolution: 1.3 Mega Pixels

– Lens: 60°

– Resolution: 1280×720

Frame Rate: 30fps

– Dynamic Range: 61.3 db

– Cable length: 3m

– 60° lens size: 56.75mm length Ø 21mm

– Camera Mounting: Standard 1/4″ UNC Mounting thread

– Operating Temperature: -30°c to +70°c

Recorder Specifications

– Size: 132x126x37mm (WxLxH)

– Media Type: SDHC card or SDXC card (Max 128Gb / Fat32)

Video Codec: h.264

– Video Output: HD or analogue composite

Audio Codec: AAC

– Audio Sampling Frequency: 48Khz Mono

– Bit rate: 5-15 Mbps

– External Power: 6-30v, approx 7 Watts

– External Audio: 3.5mm jack input

GPS time stamp: 10Hz (updates 10 times a second)

– Weight 266g











60 °高清子彈型攝像頭





– 傳感器:CMOS全局快門進步

– 傳感器尺寸: 1/3“

– 傳感器分辨率: 130萬像素

– 鏡頭: 60 °

– 分辨率:1280×720。

– 幀速率:30幀

– 動態範圍: 61.3分貝

– 電纜長度:3m

– 60°鏡頭尺寸: 56.75毫米長度直徑21毫米

– 攝像機安裝:標準1 /4“ UNC安裝螺紋

– 工作溫度: -30 ° C至+70 °C


– 尺寸: 132x126x37mm ( WXLXH )

– 媒體類型: SDHC卡或SDXC卡(最大128GB / FAT32的)

– 視頻編解碼器: H.264

– 視頻輸出: HD或模擬複合

– 音頻編解碼器: AAC

– 音頻採樣頻率: 48Khz的單聲道

– 比特率: 5-15 Mbps的

– 外部電源: 6 – 30V ,約7瓦

– 外部音頻:3.5毫米插孔輸入

– GPS時間戳記: 10HZ (更新每秒10次)

– 重量266克

New Circuit Tool Ver.2 Data Analysis become even Easier and Advance

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We are pleased to announce that Circuit Tools Version 2 has now been released. This is a major rewrite and contains some great new features as well as a much faster interface. This is what you will find in CT V2:

Enhanced file loading
It is now faster to load your files, and there is a much improved interface that scans the file giving you basic lap information and a preview of the video.

The file can also be easily renamed ? a very useful tool when comparing files between drivers.

New File Transfer Wizard
This now scans your PC for removable media and then transfers all the files into automatically named folders on the hard drive.

Automatic sector configuration
When you load a file, sectors by max speed are now automatically configured. You then have the ability to instantly toggle them on and off in the session data.

Video replay speed variation
You can now play a video at a variety of fast and slow motion speeds ? especially useful for comparing files in detail without the need to advance sample by sample. The playback functionality has also been improved. For example, by pressing the stop button twice you can now replay the file from the last stop position, or by pressing it three times jump to the beginning of the section displayed in the graph.

Six video playback
Up to six videos can now be played simultaneously giving you the ability to compare a range of track data. The video engine has also been rewritten to reduce the program’s impact on your computer?s processor.

Circuit Tool V2 6 Laps Comparison

Circuit Tool V2 6 Laps Comparison


VBox Sport – APP supported 20Hz Advance Data Logger


VBOX Sport will allow you to instantly analyze your driving performance, giving you immediate access to the data you need to go faster.
It can be used with any type of vehicle: car, motorbike, bicycle, jet-ski, powerboat etc.

The eight hour battery life will cater for most sporting events; and because the VBOX Sport is planned to weigh only 150g there will be no weight penalty for using it.

You will be able to log accurate GPS data (E.g. speed, acceleration, distance, time) directly to the supplied SD card, allowing you to improve your performance using our analysis software – Circuit Tools.


20Hz GPS engine
Over 6hr battery life
Bluetooth enabled
Compatible with Harry’s Lap Timer app
Internal GPS antenna
Socket for external GPS antenna
USB charging
SD card logging
Herbert Richter mounting points
Free data analysis software

The VBOX Sport is officially certified by Apple, connects to an iPhone™, iPod™, or iPad™ via a wireless Bluetooth connection, and works with the popular app – Harry’s Lap Timer.

Our own Performance Test app will soon be available from the Apple App Store, giving you increased functionality and immediate feedback for performance testing. We will also be releasing a diagnostic app; and a predictve laptiming app will follow.

As well as using VBOX Sport for motorsport, it can be employed as an enhancement for GPS reception on iOS devices, or for adding GPS functionality to those that don’t have it already.