New Seat Leon Cup Racer First Equipped with MXG Dash Data Logger


The official presentation of the newest Seat Leon Cup Racer, first equipped with the new AiM MXG dash logger, is going to take place.

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The MXG display features a high contrast 7” TFT display, fully configurable by a dedicated software.
You can create as many pages as wished, showing in different fonts and dimensions every information received by MXG, as well as math channels.
Swapping between pages can be managed pushing one or two pushbuttons.
An ambient light sensor keeps the backlight at optimum brightness levels.

Fexible Alarm

Eight configurable RGB alarm LEDs.
You choose the conditions, you choose the colors.
Select a solid alarm or flashing one – and the flashing frequency, choose to have an accompanying text message, and set the alarm priorities.

Integrated Shift Light Array

Choose from a host of advanced multicoloured RGB shift light patterns that can be customized to your liking, and for each unique gear when required.

Wifi Connectivity

Configure, calibrate and download your data wirelessly over a secure 802.11 WiFi connection.

Motorsport Connector

Lightweight aluminum mil-spec Motorsport connectors standard on the MXG.


Clio Cup China R10 – Zhuhai: Tommy Chan wins, Crowned Champion

Hong Kong driver Tommy Chan finished the season in style by winning the season finale in Zhuhai and being crowned as 2013 Clio Cup China Series Champion. Meanwhile, Ye Xingping claimed a win in Class B.

Drama before the race start as Huang Yi went off during his sighting lap. He would need to start from pit lane. Meanwhile, at the start, Tommy Chan held on to his lead while first time Clio Cup starter Alan Lee made a stunning start and went straight from 5th to 2nd in just one corner. Yu Kam Cheong was behind him in 3rd.

Alan Lee even started to challenge Tommy Chan for the lead in the early stage of the race, but start to fall back at midway and was being attacked by Yu Kam Cheong. Yu Kam Cheong made his move 2 laps from the end and got 2nd. Alan Lee wanted his place back but spun off during a late braking move at Turn 11. He missed the podium place with just 1 lap to go!

Tommy Chan then was unchallenged and took a comfortable win, a perfect end to his season, as he is now the 2013 Champion!


Yu Kam Cheong took a fine 2nd place, while Byron Tong battled through the field and took 3rd, after starting from the back as a result of his qualifying off. Kenneth Ma also did a great job a got 4th after a fierce battle with Ye Xingping. Ye Xingping were 5th and Class B winner.

Yang Xu had an adventurous race as he spun off in Turn 14 Lap3 and off the track again in the final lap. He the finished in 6th, ahead of Hu Cheng Wei and Benson Wong, who were 2nd and 3rd in Class B. Huang Yi, meanwhile, finished 9th after starting from pit lane.

For the Championship standing, Tommy Chan was the Champion with fellow Hong Kong drivers Byron Tong and Kenneth Ma 1st and 2nd runner-up respectively.

Thanks for joining us for this exciting season! Sea you all in 2014!


克里欧杯珠海R10: 陈鸿伟完美封王









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[Video] MSC Drifting Hong Kong Highlights 香港 飄移

Check out this video highlight of MSC Drifting Hong Kong

[Video] MSC Drifting Hong Kong Highlights 香港 飄移

一年一度萬眾矚目的飄移賽事 MSC HK 2013,是所有本地飄移愛好者觀摩的好時機,終於在12月14及15日香港的亞洲國際博覽館隆重舉行!

今次飄移盛事由曾任遙控飄移評審的TRC車隊大將JAMES TANG夥拍Drift HK及日本D1搞手MSC CHALLENGE岩田和彥策劃,絕對是一場本地大製作。TRC及Drift HK近年為推廣飄移賽車風氣不斷舉辦一些相關活動。於2012年舉行的MSC HK SHOW,齊集一眾亞洲頂線車手同場較量,比拚飄移技術,令入場人士看得如痴如醉,掌聲四起。今年賽事包括本地車手排位單走﹑本地車手雙車追逐﹑特備表演 ﹑國際明星車手雙車追逐等等,令人目不暇給。
     今年賽會還特意請曾與港版拓海之稱的JAMES TANG在天門山上對決的意大利飄移王Federico Sceriffo參賽向觀眾獻技。賽會更邀請了多位東洋漂移大師來港參賽包括有被譽為飄移天才的齋藤太吾,蘋果小姐石川紗織和2012年日本漂移大賽冠軍 藤野秀之等等。賽會評審則由MSC之父岩田和彥及人氣D1車手菊口信輝擔任評判。

當日除了有精彩賽事當然少不了一眾迷人的RACING GIRL,多個遊戲及美食攤位。而賽會贊助商之一的偉搞模型亦設有攤位展示各款由本地遙控飄移車手改裝的落場版YOKOMO遙控飄移車。在場朋友不但可以 欣賞飄移賽事更可以即場買走自己心儀的飄移賽車1:10模型帶返家中。現場亦不泛飄移粉絲購買YOKOMO的T-SHIRT紛紛向偶像車手塑取簽名。

雖然今屆比賽多了點風,多了點雨水,但是對MSC HK狂迷的熱情沒有半點減退,大家都摒住呼吸,拼命地為各自喜歡的車手打氣。而各高手亦不斷挑戰自己的極限,努力在自己完美的漂移技術上尋求突破。

最後恭喜藤野秀之先生成為了今屆MSC HK 2013的飄移王。飄移比賽最刺激的就是那十多秒的精華,最痛恨的亦是那精彩的快逝。期待MSC HK 在2014再度來臨!

Grid Drift Academy Hot Entry – Denise Yeung 楊嘉怡


Denise Yeung, the hottest growing racing driver from Hong Kong joined our Grid Drifting Academy.

With her well developed touring car experience, she worked through the basic technique exercise with ease, and proceeded to more complex drift driving involving a combination of drift technique to complete a simulated drift track.



Formula e burnout on street of LA

Formula E is a new FIA championship that brings electric vehicle racing to the people, as city centres around the world play host to an electric energy World Championship designed to promote interest and investment in electric vehicles and sustainable motoring.

Los Angeles was selected to host one of the races by Championship promoters Formula E Holdings in part due to its robust and burgeoning electric vehicle infrastructure, in particular Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) Electric Vehicle Program.


“By hosting Formula E Championship races here, we ensure our place as a leader in the charge to generate awareness for electric vehicles and their benefits,” Mayor Villaraigosa said. “By selecting Los Angeles as the site of their Championship races, Formula E Holdings brings international attention to our City’s electric vehicle infrastructure programs and increased tourism revenue to our City.”

The Los Angeles Formula E race is planned to take place on city streets in downtown LA although a number of routes are still being considered. Ten teams with two drivers each will participate in the races, which last approximately one hour using fully electric cars capable of reaching speeds of more than 140mph (limited) with zero emissions.


New LapTimer app for VBOX Sport now available on the Apple App Store


LapTimer is a powerful lap timing app which works with the internal GPS of the iPhone or as a companion to the VBOX Sport which uses a high accuracy GPS receiver to enhance the capabilities of your iPhone.

Collecting GPS data at 20 times per second the VBOX Sport provides a level of accuracy currently unheard of with iPhone and iPad apps. Our LapTimer app uses this data to provide you with accurate lap times and predictive lap times for your vehicle.

You can use your iPhone or iPad to display your speed, your current lap time, your predicted lap time or a list of previous lap times all using the same VBOX technology used by many of the world’s major motor manufacturers and car magazines.


Key features

  • Auto track selection – based on your current location and using our comprehensive track map database, no need to set the start/finish line
  • Predicted lap time – using unique Racelogic algorithms to predict your current lap time based on your reference lap with delta-t shown in a red/green bar graph
  • Display current speed or maximum speed in mph or km/h
  • List of lap times, including sector times where available
  • Custom circuit creation – create your own track or circuit and start/finish line if required
  • Save your lap data in a Racelogic .vbo file for analysis in Circuit Tools software
  • Range of configuration options

All of the apps functionality is available when you are connected to a 20Hz VBOX Sport via Bluetooth to an iOS device running iOS 6.0 or later. If you are not connected to a VBOX Sport the app will use the 1Hz internal GPS of your Apple device with a corresponding reduction in accuracy.

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AIM GT Steering Wheel – Perfect Mix of Style, Technology and Comfort

AIM GT Steering Wheel – Perfect Mix of Style, Technology and Comfort.

A steering wheel represents a lot to a driver. It is the lightning rod between the racer and the road. It provides feedback and empowers the driver to make critical decisions while demanding millisecond responses.

To pay homage to the peerless relationship between driver and car, we introduce our first GT Steering Wheel, where you can monitor information in addition to what is shown by your stock dash, view configurable alarms and shift lights, and activate specific car functions.


Designed by the best track engineers and hand-made by the most qualified craftsmen, AiM GT Steering Wheel is a perfect mix of style, technology and comfort.

GT Steering Wheel is available in 320mm or 350mm diameter, and can be outfitted with paddle shifts (optional).
It is supplied with a specific flange to allow perfect installation on both SPA and OMP hubs.

The high-contrast backlit display has been purposed to provide actionable driver-information with configurable elements.

It shows – with precise and enjoyable graphics – lap times as well as data sampled by EVO4, data from the ECU and data from the built in accelerometers and GPS, while also receiving information about the on-board camera SmartyCam HD working mode.

Lap times and data are shown in successive pages in a user-defined way: simply select the data you want to monitor and create custom pages that can show up to four fields each.

Screenshot 6 Screenshot 2
Custom page with two fields
Custom page with four fields
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 12
RPM and Lap Time page

Lap Time

Lap times, you can choose to visualize the rolling time, static lap time or predictive lap time (as an absolute value or as a difference vs. the best lap).

Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Predictive as difference
vs. Best

Melding form and functions, an integrated shift light array crowns the wheel behind a carbon fiber foreground.

Ten shift lights can be configured choosing the LED colour and the RPM threshold value that will switch them on/off.

Alarm management is very flexible too: you can choose which situation will activate the alarm and each LED behaviour (blinking frequency and color), as well as the conditions for its switch-off.

You can also configure GT Steering Wheel to show a warning message.


Four integrated multi-function buttons beside the Steering Wheel display promote vigilant navigation and operative execution.

Pushing each one of them, you can activate/deactivate the functions you need (e.g. traction control, pit limiter, radio).


At the end of each session you can view a data summary on the display: the four fastest laps, total running time and run distance, and max RPM and speed values.

The second page of each session summary shows the complete list of the laps with related max/min speed values.

Screenshot 8 Screenshot 9

Shift lights, alarms and custom pages configuration is intuitive and can be made with few clicks, using the dedicated Race Studio 2 software or directly via the GT Steering Wheel keyboard.


With its anatomical, aggressive and functional design, GT Steering Wheel is characterized by its carbon fibre crown and its unique leather upholstery: the special silking makes it extremely soft, maximizing grip, and the exclusive “cool system” treatment – reflecting the sun rays – ensures the leather is always cool to the touch.


Each single steering wheel is hand made by craftsmen with long experience in workings like stuccoing the wire channels, leather punching and its trimming and sewing with Alcantara ®, hot printing…

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