Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo with VBox HD at Sepang, Malaysia

Here’s an exciting video shot from onboard the new Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO car that is being used in the Ferrari Challenge. Here you can see drive for APM Monaco tackle the demanding Sepang circuit.

The 458 Challenge EVO is fitted with an aerodynamic kit that has further enhanced performance when it comes to balance and its cornering ability, thanks mainly to the new rear wing.


VBOX HD is a miniature, rugged bullet camera designed to capture difficult action shots that other cameras can’t capture. The super fast 720p Global shutter CMOS sensor totally eliminates distortion caused by vibration of fast paced action, whilst its tiny size makes it extremely versatile and discrete.

Stunning HD graphics can be produced in post-processing and overlaid onto your recorded video, enhancing the footage even further.

Camera Specification:

– Sensor: CMOS Global Shutter progressive

– Sensor size: 1/3″

– Sensor resolution: 1.3 Mega Pixels

– Lens: 60°

– Resolution: 1280×720

– Frame Rate: 30fps

– Dynamic Range: 61.3 db

– Cable length: 3m

– 60° lens size: 56.75mm length Ø 21mm

– Camera Mounting: Standard 1/4″ UNC Mounting thread

– Operating Temperature: -30°c to +70°c

More info:


2012 AAMC Macau Touring Car Series 風雲戰-澳門房車錦標賽4月27日開幕

2012 AAMC Macau Touring Car Series

2012 Pan Delta Racing Festival Spring Circuit Hero – One Highlight 泛珠春季赛 赛道英雄 – 壹

2012 Pan Delta Racing Festival Spring Circuit Hero – One Highlight

2012泛珠春季赛 赛道英雄 – 壹 精華

First flare of 2012: Circuit Hero (One) Race 1

After the exciting ZIC Superbike Championship Race 1, another big race, Circuit Hero (One) Race 1 is on track for battle.

Unlike ZIC Superbike Championship’s two qualifying sessions for their two races, Circuit Hero (One) only has one qualifying session to determine the grid positions of race 1. The race 2 grid will be decided by the results of race 1. Therefore the drivers’ performance in race 1 is crucial not just for this race but also for the afternoon race.
No. 63 Sun Tit-Fan is on pole position, Chen Sui-Hao is second. Their cars are Mitsubishi and Nissan. Yesterdey Sun was able to do a 1:40.449 lap, this was way faster than any national saloon cars can manage and is nearer formula cars or superbike lap times.

At the start, 24 cars start their engines and the noise reverberated around the circuit. Chen makes a great start and passes Sun for the lead. Bill O’Brien, in a Caterham, also makes a good start and takes second place, shadowing Chen Sui-Hao closely. At turn 3, James Tang passes Bill to take second. Sun has dropped to fifth place. Car no. 1 fails to break in time for turn 4 and goes off track, but it is able to resume the race.

On lap 3, at the end of the straight, no. 63 Sun Tit-Fan passes no. 18 Wei Zhao-Yin and then no. 3 Xu Yin appears to have a problem and slows down. But after some adjustments, he manages to get back up to speed again. By now, Sun Tit-Fan is up to third place and he is pushing hard! Very soon, on the short straight after turn 4, he passes Bill O’Brien for second. Chen Sui-Hao is now in his sights.

On lap 5, Sun Tit-Fan successfully passes Chen Sui-Hao to take the lead, just one lap later, he extends his lead to 4 seconds. His supremacy has left the chasing pack gasping.

Apart from the swashbuckling Sun Tit-Fan, the Caterham of Bill O’Brien is also doing well. It is not a heavily modified machine but its simplicity and light weight has made it a force to be reckoned with.

On lap 6, no. 3 Xu Yin’s race car once again stops on track. His front faces the oncoming race cars and it looks to be in a dangerous position. Fortunately he is not hit by anyone.

On lap 9 at turn 4, the no. 8 Caterham stops outside the corner with huge flames coming out of its back. Fortunately the marshals are nearby and they make good use of their fire extinguishers to put out the fire. The race organizers shows the red flag to stop the race. Driver Rich Pham is unharmed.

Thus the first saloon car race of 2012 ends with a sensational fire. It also shows that the circuit officals are very experienced and equipped to deal with all kinds of emergency situations.

As the race is over 90% complete, the race is over and will not re-start after the red flag. Sun Tit-Fan wins with the fastest lap 1:41.149. Chen Sui-Hao is second. No. 7 Bill O’Brien is thid in his Caterham.

Sun Tit-Fan challenges Chen Sui Hao? Circuit Hero One Race 2

At 3pm, still buzzing with excitement from the absorbing action of the Circuit Hero Two race, the crowd in the grandstand are treated to Circuit Hero One for the second time today.

The race grid is determined by the first race’s results. Sun Tit-Fan starts from pole position and Chen Sui-Hao in second place. At the start Sun makes a good getaway while Chen does not. At turn 1, Chen is already some way behind but he manages to hold on to his second place. An unidentified car spins at the corner but is able to continue.

On lap 2, Sun Tit-Fan extends his lead to Chen to over 6 seconds and over 8 seconds over Bill O’Brien’s Caterham. On lap 3, Sun shows his car’s prowess and in one lap increases the lead to 11 seconds. His win is more or less certain. The following laps become his personal affair as he sets quick lap after quick lap, the fastest being 1:41.987.

The cars behind him are battling hard, cars are overtaking and trying to make moves.  On lap 5, Foshan racing legend James Tang’s car appears to have a problem and drives into the pit area. He has failed to finish both races today.

As the leading cars continue to circle and lap backmarkers, Chen Sui-Hao uses the opportunity to close in on Sun Tit-Fan a little, working the gap down to 10 seconds. But apparently Sun has plenty in hand. Bill O’Brien is still chasing after Chen, but his car’s lack of straight line speed seems to affect him more than Chen when laping backmarkers.

On the last lap, Sun Tit-Fan seems to have a small problem. He seems to have parked his car at the pit lane exit. Has he mistaken the flag signals and think the race is over? Or is he waiting for Chen? Chen closes right in and is only one corner behind. But it was all a game as Sun powers away and finishes the race in first place, beating Chen by 3 seconds. Bill O’Brien finishes third.

2012的第一把火 赛道英雄壹第一回合比赛

在紧张激烈的超级摩托车组第一场决赛之后,另一场重头戏,赛道英雄大排量涡轮组——赛道英雄壹的第一场决赛马上开始上演。在满满一天的精彩比赛中, 两场重头戏安排在早上,最重要的原因是因为这两个比赛在今天都要比赛两场。用尽量大的时间间隔安排他们的赛历,可以让车手得到更加充分的休息,车队技师也 能有足够的时间调整赛车,给车迷带来更加精彩的比赛。所以没能起早来看比赛的车迷也不用失望——下午他们会以更加好的状态上演激烈角逐,美美睡一觉再来看 比赛,毕竟起早贪黑也不是赛车庙会应有的风格不是?


按照昨天的排位,63号孙铁勋第一、陈穗豪第二,他们分别驾驶的是三菱和日产赛车。昨天孙铁勋在练习赛中创造出了1:40.4492的成绩,远远超 过国内房车锦标赛的最快圈速。相对于国内顶级的场地赛车,赛道英雄壹已经算是样样不缺:专业的赛事运营团队、专业的车队和熟练技师、在赛道英雄中成长起来 的知名车手,以及赛车上五花八门的广告、赛车旁亮丽的赛车模特。如此专业而严谨的气象,表明ZIC对赛道英雄的分组改革获得了巨大成功。这里,已经成为华 南赛车手实战检验自身的圣地。

比赛开始,24台赛车同时启动的巨大轰鸣响彻赛场。陈穗豪发车非常好,直接超越了孙铁勋,而驾驶CATERHAM的Bill发车很出色,紧紧跟在陈 穗豪身后,这台看起来像复古钢架车的敞篷小跑展示了他惊人的实力。三号弯,跟在后面的邓智伦完成了对BILL的超越排到第二,换乱的车流中,孙铁勋已经掉 到了第五。被搅乱的车流对后面的赛车造成了相当大的影响,1号赛车在4号弯收势不及,掉头横在了路边,但好在还能继续比赛。

第三圈,直道末端,63号孙铁勋完成了对18号赛车蔚超音的超越。紧接着,3号赛车徐欣出现了问题,速度慢下来,车手将赛车开到了减速带,看来是出 现了问题,不过稍作调整,他又回到了比赛。此时,孙铁勋已经排到了第三。他还在追赶!很快,第四圈小直道,孙铁勋以绝对的优势超越了7号,前面的陈穗豪离 他仅仅0.4秒!看来最激烈的对抗即将上演!




第九圈,4号弯,8号CATERHAM赛车停在了减速带前,突然冒出巨大的火焰,让现场的气氛骤然紧张起来。好在停靠的位置距离工作出口非常近,赛 道口立刻涌出大量手提灭火器的工作人员喷向赛车,赛事组委会也马上出示红旗中止比赛。大火很快被扑灭了,本来就形似钢管车的CATERHAM赛车在一堆泡 沫里显得更加单薄,车手Rich Pham在一旁很平淡的对工作人员交代善后。赛车总是会有让人意想不到的状况,这也是赛车最为独特的魅力。2012年的第一把火在珠海赛道近万观众的眼前 突然来临,在这把火中ZIC表现出来的成熟干练的应对、车手的淡定,都让赛道英雄壹更加具有英雄主义的特点。


冠军挑战亚军? ――赛道英雄壹第二场

下午三点,珠海赛道看台上近两万观众还没有从刚刚赛道英雄贰激烈碰撞发车的余韵中清醒过来,赛道英雄壹的赛车又驶上赛道,开始准备他们第二场决赛。 在上午的决赛中,一台赛车同样是在4号弯着火燃烧,和下午赛道英雄贰的翻车同样的刺激惊险。两场比赛,两个让人胆战心惊的精彩,第三场赛道英雄,会有什么 样的精彩等着我们呢?


第二圈,孙铁勋就将领先优势扩大到了6秒多,拍第三的Bill则距离第一8秒多。第三圈开始,孙铁勋开始展现出无以伦比的速度,一下子领先陈穗豪有 11秒。这么早就奠定冠军优势,可见其车有多快。后面的时间成了他个人圈速表演,从1:42到1:41.987,突破了42大关的孙铁勋继续发力,似乎是 要挑战排位赛时的1:40.492的极限圈速。



最后一圈,孙铁勋似乎出现了一点状况。还剩一圈的情况下他几乎把赛车停在了维修区出口。难道是看错了旗号以为比赛已经结束?或者是故意放慢速度等着 陈穗豪的挑战?陈穗豪乘机将距离追近到一个弯位之内。不过这点距离显然于全局无补,孙铁勋顺利完成比赛第一个冲线,陈穗豪以三秒的差距位居第二,BILL 第三。