Clio R6: Byron Tong claimed the win


Series returnee Byron Tong claimed a comfortable win in 2014 Clio Cup China Series Round 6 ahead of Naomi Schiff. Class B victory went to Ye Xingpin again.


At the start, Naomi Schiff, who was on pole, was quickly passed by Byron Tong and Chen Wei An. Byron then started to build a huge gap between him and the chasing pack. Naomi Schiff eventually went passed Chen Wei An mid way through the race but was unable to catch Byron and continue her winning streak. Byron Tong won the race with 3.6 seconds margin towards 2nd place Naomi. 3rd went to Chen Wei An, who battled with Yu Kam Cheong until Yu was off track in T14 later in the race.


Clio Cup China will continue in August at Chengdu.



Clio Cup China R10 – Zhuhai: Tommy Chan wins, Crowned Champion

Hong Kong driver Tommy Chan finished the season in style by winning the season finale in Zhuhai and being crowned as 2013 Clio Cup China Series Champion. Meanwhile, Ye Xingping claimed a win in Class B.

Drama before the race start as Huang Yi went off during his sighting lap. He would need to start from pit lane. Meanwhile, at the start, Tommy Chan held on to his lead while first time Clio Cup starter Alan Lee made a stunning start and went straight from 5th to 2nd in just one corner. Yu Kam Cheong was behind him in 3rd.

Alan Lee even started to challenge Tommy Chan for the lead in the early stage of the race, but start to fall back at midway and was being attacked by Yu Kam Cheong. Yu Kam Cheong made his move 2 laps from the end and got 2nd. Alan Lee wanted his place back but spun off during a late braking move at Turn 11. He missed the podium place with just 1 lap to go!

Tommy Chan then was unchallenged and took a comfortable win, a perfect end to his season, as he is now the 2013 Champion!


Yu Kam Cheong took a fine 2nd place, while Byron Tong battled through the field and took 3rd, after starting from the back as a result of his qualifying off. Kenneth Ma also did a great job a got 4th after a fierce battle with Ye Xingping. Ye Xingping were 5th and Class B winner.

Yang Xu had an adventurous race as he spun off in Turn 14 Lap3 and off the track again in the final lap. He the finished in 6th, ahead of Hu Cheng Wei and Benson Wong, who were 2nd and 3rd in Class B. Huang Yi, meanwhile, finished 9th after starting from pit lane.

For the Championship standing, Tommy Chan was the Champion with fellow Hong Kong drivers Byron Tong and Kenneth Ma 1st and 2nd runner-up respectively.

Thanks for joining us for this exciting season! Sea you all in 2014!


克里欧杯珠海R10: 陈鸿伟完美封王









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Coming Soon: VBox Lap Timer (Stand Alone OLED Display) – Q1, 2014

VBox Lap Timer (Stand Alone OLED Display)

We have seen and used the Video VBox accessory OLED multifunction display, it was the perfect tool for immediate feed back to the driver on their driving. Even more of the perfect tool for Endurance racing where every constant second throughout the lap times wins or loses the race. Also a perfect companion for qualifying, seeing how much time you are gaining or losing to your best lap.

Now this tool is even more accessible as we launch the Stand Alone version of the OLED display – VBox Lap Timer.

As the name states it’s a stand alone system for recording GPS data with it’s OLED display, as a bonus you can also keep using this display if you decided to upgrade to the Video VBox system as a Plug and Play accessory.

Pre-order yours now, email to:


Instant driver feedback for real-time driver development

Track time is expensive, so finding the best lines and vehicle setup as quickly as possible is very important to both professional and amateur drivers. Predictive lap timing can play a major part in achieving this, especially if it is derived from ever more reliable GPS.

What is predictive lap timing?

Predictive lap timing has been available for some time, but traditional methods have generally relied on a distance measurement (normally from a wheel speed sensor input) for calculation. However, distances lap-to-lap almost always change: either by trying different lines, overtaking other cars, or perhaps by locking a wheel. Predicting a lap time accurately using this variable is nigh-on impossible, and is exacerbated on longer circuits.


Unrivalled accuracy using GPS

We employ GPS position from a fast updating data logger rather than distance to align the reference and comparison laps. Whilst GPS position may only be accurate to a few metres, a typical average race speed would be well in excess of 30m/s, minimising any errors to around 1/10th of a second.

This offers unrivalled accuracy even if the driver takes a completely different line each lap. The system will maintain 0.1s precision the entire way around any circuits, including very long circuits such as the Nurburgring or Spa.

The technology has been built into our high brightness OLED dashboard display, which can be connected to the Video VBOX product range. It is also a feature of our Performance Meters.

It provides drivers with accurate, real-time lap comparison, and it works at any track. You do not need any external beacons, and there is no setting up required.

Predictive lap timing adds another element to data logging, as drivers have a real-time comparison of their current lap against their previously recorded best lap – so they will always be trying to beat it. It means they can judge the effectiveness of different lines and get immediate feedback on the graphical display of how much time they’re losing or gaining.


How accurate is it?

As an example, we can study the two best laps during a race from a professional driver around the 1.6 mile Silverstone National Circuit in the UK.

The rolling distance variation was 11.6m even though the lap time difference was only 0.06s. This equates to an analysis alignment error of 0.3s, and this is around a very short track, with a very good driver. On a longer track with a less consistent driver, this error can easily grow to over 1s!

However, by using GPS position, the timing error between these laps is virtually eliminated. GPS means that the time can be kept accurate to within 1/10th of a second.



The real time nature of predictive lap timing makes it great for honing racing skills and getting an immediate impression of how much time you are losing or gaining.

It’s good for working on techniques such as slip-streaming, because slight adjustments show up immediately in the display. It’s also invaluable where there are a variety of different lines that you can take.

On the banked Homestead Circuit at Miami, I was able to see instantly which line along the long banked corner was quickest.

Nigel Greensall, professional racing driver and coach

Race Technology makes the come back to China, Hong Kong with the Dash2 Pro

Race Technology makes the come back to China, Hong Kong with the Dash2 Pro – A powerful and ultra configurable display with powerful processing. Specify a complete system in one compact component with optional on-board GPS data logging and control outputs.

It is a vehicle display system that has everything required to pass an IVA test (road legal) so you can replace your entire vehicle dashboard with the DASH2 PRO unit. The unit displays sensor data in the user’s preferred units, and warnings can also be set for critical channels. The unit has 5 screens of data which can be scrolled through using buttons (not supplied). The unit is configured using PC software via USB cable connection. Displayed data, units, alarms, shiftlights, RPM scale etc is all configurable to the user’s exact requirements. Lap and sector times can be displayed as GPS lap/sector markers are passed (requires GPS data logging option or connection to one of our GPS data loggers).

Race Technology have extensive experience in all areas of automotive electronics (for both industrial or autosport applications). It is split into three categories:  1) supply of data loggers, display units and sensors from our standard product range, 2) development of custom products for clients, and 3) consultancy work

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甄卓偉 Andy Yan reign 2013 CTCC Champion

Andy Yan

CTCC 2013 season ended yesterday at the Shanghai International Circuit. Changan Ford driver AndyYan driving the #3 car completed 13 laps of the race , and eventually finished the race in eighth place, giving him the precious points to gain him the overall driver champion. Congratulations to Andy again,also looking forward to see him in Macau Gran Prix next week!

CTCC中國房車錦標賽 昨天在@上海國際賽車場 完成年度收官戰,@長安福特車隊 的@甄卓偉AndyYan 駕駛3號賽車完成了13圈的賽事,最終以全場第八沖過終點線,同時也是繼2011年後,再次奪得@CTCC中國房車錦標賽 的年度總冠軍。祝賀甄卓偉再度獲得CTCC的年度車手冠軍,也期待他下周在澳門獲得出色成績!

Andy Car

2013 Maserati Trofeo MC World Championships in Shanghai International Circuit


2013 Maserati Trofeo MC World Championships in Shanghai International Circuit on November 2-3, the 5th round of the series.

The Shanghai circuit is a tricky and spectacular one that really tested the drivers, the Trofeo’s handling and the grip of the Pirelli tyres. Renaud Kuppens hoped to secure the points he needed to repeat last year’s triumph to celebrated in the city that symbolizes China’s economic growth. Instead, the reigning champion leaves with his overall advantage cut by 8 points but he is still 52 point in the lead.

2013瑪莎拉蒂Trofeo MC世界錦標賽繼8月在美國索諾瑪賽道激情上演之後,11月2-3日移師上海國際賽車場 ,在此進行本賽季的第五輪賽事。經過激烈比拼,Ange Barde獲得冠軍,Mikkel Mac和 R.Kuppens分獲二三名。最後一站總決賽將於12月13日在阿布達比舉行。


2013 CTCC Finale at Shanghai International Circuit November 2-3

2013 CTCC Finale will be held at the Shanghai International Circuit on November 2-3. Whilst WTCC, Maserati World Series and POLO Cup will also compete in the same weekend, the biggest news is the Ma Qing Hua (previous F1 test driver at Caterham) will replace Hanhan with 6# car, let us look forward to the show down in Shanghai!

11月2-3日,,2013@CTCC中國房車錦標賽 將在@上海國際賽車場 迎來年度收官之站。同時進行的還有WTCC世界房車錦標賽、瑪莎拉蒂杯賽、POLO 杯三大賽事,而本屆CTCC最大的亮點是馬青驊將接替6號賽車的韓寒 出戰,讓我們一起期待吧!