Ferrari 458 Challenge @ Sydney Motorsport Park – VBox HD onboard Ringo Cheung in the wet

VBox HD onboard with Ringo Cheung in the wet Sydney Motorsport Park race circuit.

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The Sydney leg of the Ferrari Asia Pacific Challenge kept viewers on the edge of their seats at Ferrari Racing Days today. The Ferrari APAC Challenge was led by Max Blancardi from Italy in the Pirelli Pro classification who took the chequered flag in Race 2 of the Trofeo Pirelli.


The Pirelli classification of experienced drivers saw more competition, with Philippe Prette from Hong Kong taking the top spot on the podium in Race 2 with a racing time of 30:11:80, crossing the finish line just one second ahead of Steve Wyatt from Australia who took second spot while Peter White, also from Australia, took third spot.

In the Coppa Shell classification, Race 2 saw lots of exciting action as the drivers battled it out on the tracks. David Tjiptobiantoro from Indonesia won with a racing time of 30:17:18, finishing fourth overall and ahead of Paul van Loenhout from Australia and Tani Hanna from Lebanon.



VBox HD Ferrari 458 Challenge Development by


Development of Ferrari 458 Challenge Asia Pacific series VBox HD, is at the final stage as we draws near to the season opener at Sepang, Malaysia.

VBox HD Motorsport, designed with Motorsport in mind, the new VBOX HD gives you crisp, high definition images supported by high quality GPS data captured at 10 times per second.

The superfast, 720p global shutter CMOS sensor totally eliminates distortion caused by vibration or fast paced action which normally arises from using a rolling shutter, whilst its tiny size camera it extremely versatile and discrete.

online-storeStunning HD graphics can be produced in post-processing and overlaid onto your recorded video, enhancing the footage even further.

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高清 VBox HD 法拉利458挑战赛系統由Grid Motorsport Co. 开发

專為亚太法拉利458挑战赛系列設計的高清VBox HD发展已進入最后阶段。

高清VBox HD,使用坚固耐用的子弹头用来捕捉高清晰度,高难度动作拍摄图像,其它相机无法捕捉,更以10Hz高品质的GPS数据支持数据分析。


VBox HD testing Asia Formula Renault in Zhuhai

Winter in Zhuhai is the perfect weather for testing, apart from the Clio Cup race car testing, we are running the Formula Renault 2.0l in preparation for the 2014 season. The formula Renault gives an extraordinary racing experience at a reasonable cost, it is a great car and series for new comers to join. As a training tool we are using the new VBox HD video and data logger for reviewing the driver’s performance and using it as training material for improving their technique and lap time.


Designed with Motorsport in mind, the new VBOX HD gives you crisp, high definition images supported by high quality GPS data captured at 10 times per second.

The superfast, 720p global shutter CMOS sensor totally eliminates distortion caused by vibration or fast paced action which normally arises from using a rolling shutter, whilst its tiny size camera it extremely versatile and discrete.



  • 10Hz GPS data logger
  • 720p30 HD camera
  • Global shutter CMOS sensor
  • Records to SD card
  • Predictive Lap Timing (with OLED display)
  • Graphic overlay in post-processing
  • MP4 video & audio recording
  • Internal tank circuit for reliable recording
  • Powerful data analysis software
  • Up to 32 CAN channel inputs
  • USB 2.0 interface


VBOX HD Setup software allows you to create scenes from scratch or edit the default scenes provided, adding bar graphs, rotary gauges, text elements, pictures and track maps in HD.

  • Full WYSIWYG editor
  • Total gauge and needle design freedom
  • Large library of trackmaps
  • PNG, GIF, JPEG image import
  • Lap feature – BEST, CURRENT, LAST
  • Gauges, text and bar graphs can be associated with any logged parameter
  • X & Y G-force, time, height, vertical velocity displayed in any format
  • Free VBOX HD Setup /Circuit Tools training available


Camera Specifications

  • Sensor: CMOS global shutter progressive
  • Sensor size: 1/3″
  • Sensor resolution: 1.3 Mega pixels
  • Lens: 60°
  • Resolution: 1280×720
  • Frame rate: 30fps
  • Dynamic Range: 61.3 dB
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Size: 56.75mm length, Ø 21mm
  • Camera Mounting: Standard 1/4″ UNC mounting thread
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C

Recorder Specifications

  • Size: 132 x 126.3 x 37mm (w x l x h)
  • Media type: SD HC card or SDXC card (max. 128GB /FAT32)
  • Video codec: h.264
  • Video output: HD or analogue composite
  • Audio codec: AAC
  • Audio sampling frequency: 48kHz mono
  • Bit rate: 10+ Mbps
  • External power: 6-30v, approx. 7 Watts
  • External audio: 3.5mm jack input
  • GPS time stamp: 10 updates per second
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Weight: 266g


Formula e burnout on street of LA

Formula E is a new FIA championship that brings electric vehicle racing to the people, as city centres around the world play host to an electric energy World Championship designed to promote interest and investment in electric vehicles and sustainable motoring.

Los Angeles was selected to host one of the races by Championship promoters Formula E Holdings in part due to its robust and burgeoning electric vehicle infrastructure, in particular Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) Electric Vehicle Program.


“By hosting Formula E Championship races here, we ensure our place as a leader in the charge to generate awareness for electric vehicles and their benefits,” Mayor Villaraigosa said. “By selecting Los Angeles as the site of their Championship races, Formula E Holdings brings international attention to our City’s electric vehicle infrastructure programs and increased tourism revenue to our City.”

The Los Angeles Formula E race is planned to take place on city streets in downtown LA although a number of routes are still being considered. Ten teams with two drivers each will participate in the races, which last approximately one hour using fully electric cars capable of reaching speeds of more than 140mph (limited) with zero emissions.


New SmartyCam HD testing with Formula Renault at Zhuhai

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SmartyCamHD – Asia Formula Renault at Zhuhai Camera Designed for Motorsport

Since our initial test with SmartyCam HD at Macau Grand Prix, we’re back with testing with Asia Formula Renault at Zhuhai International Circuit. This new data overlay video recorder was very handy installed on on the roll hoop of the formula car. As the Formula Renault are running on AIM Evo3 datalogger, it would be possible to overlay even more data on the video, stay tuned for more updates.


Why go on track with a generic action-camera?

SmartyCam HD has been designed for motorsports, by people exactly like you, who have spent their life on the track. SmartyCam HD was designed with a single purpose: providing great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your performance. All this comes in the most robust and reliable system ever.


Real Time Data Overlay on Video

SmartyCam HD automatically overlays on videos all the data you need: speed, RPM, lap number, gear shifts and much more. Simply choose the data and the graphic layout you prefer in the huge selection of overlays available.


Automatic Start/Stop

You are on the starting grid, ready to sprint, your adrenaline reaching the climax: the last thing you can worry about is… switching on the camera. You have other things to worry about. SmartyCam HD is aware of that. That is why it switches on/off automatically and starts/stops recording the same way.

Global Shutter CMOS Sensor

Engine rumble causes vibrations, which are not a good thing for video recording. Never again will you experience that seasick “wave effect” you get when watching videos recorded by a generic camera, when the car rolls at 7000 RPM. SmartyCam HD has been designed for that environment and for those vibrations. “Wave effect” is just a memory.

Proprietary Lenses Designed for Motorsports

A lens specifically designed for motorsports must be robust, must be able to work when the engine rolls 100 times per second, and have good resolution and brightness. But above all a lens designed for motorsports must reduce distortion, which is a typical problem of lenses used by generic action-cameras: objects placed at ten meters’ distance look very far, making it impossible to accurately determine whether the track is straight or curved.

SmartyCam HD telecentric lens with six elements reduces distortion to the minimum and will withstand track vibrations for years.

Front Mount Color TFT Display for In-car Installation

On-board cameras are to be installed inside the car. Where should the display be placed to check the correct position of the camera? The SmartyCam HD 128×128 pixel TFT color display is on the front, not on rear – where general cameras place the viewfinder.

High-quality Small-size video files

HD cameras competition is focused on the highest pixel number. The result is that their video files are far too large, taking too much memory. SmartyCam HD videos have the same quality as other HD cameras but their files are smaller because the H264 compression system parameters have been optimized to a perfect balance between video quality and file size. You can choose among three video file quality levels: one-hour recording takes 4GB (high quality), 2GB (normal) or 1,5GB (low).

Files are stored on SD cards: with current SD cards reaching 128GB capacity, you can record more than 30 hours of high-quality videos without changing the card.

Designed to Withstand Extreme On-track Working Conditions

An on-board camera designed for motorsports must guarantee great resistance against the extreme working conditions typical of track racing and against the most adverse weather, such as: strong and prolonged vibrations, storms, continuous rain, and extreme high and low temperatures.

That is why SmartyCam HD is made in machinery molded aluminum, just like many competition car parts.

Compact, Handy and Easy to Install

Its small size (87x63x48mm) and light weight (just 250g) make SmartyCam HD easy to install inside your car or on your bike.

Technical specifications
Video format  H.264 1280×700 pixel @ 30 fps
Display resolution  128×128 pixel
Lens  Telecentric with 6 elements
Angle of view  67° and 84°
Internal battery  Rechargeable lithium battery – 1.040 mAh
Battery charge  700 mAh 12V
Battery duration  70 ‘- 80’ of recording
External power  9-15 Volt
Memory  Up to 128 Gb
Memory capability  1.5 Gb (1 hour low quality recording)
2 Gb (1 hour medium quality recording)
4 Gb (1 hour high quality recording)
Accelerometer  Tri-axial ± 5G
Usage temperatures  -10°C/+60°C
Auto Power ON  Yes, if connected to an AiM logger
Auto Power OFF  Yes
Auto Start/Stop Recording  Yes
Dimensions  87x63x48 mm
Weight  250 g, battery included
Waterproof  IP67

In the box:

SmartyCam HD (1)
4 Gb SD card (2)
CAN cable (3) or external power cable (4)
Battery charger (5)
USB/AC power adapter (6)
CD for software installation (7)

Cosworth electronics for Porsche 991 GT3


Cosworth electronics for Porsche 991 GT3

Porsche has unveiled its latest generation GT3 race car which will feature Cosworth’s ICD dash logger and IPS32 power management system.

The latest incarnation of the legendary 911 will be the seventh generation of the sports car that has graced the roads and race tracks of the world for nearly 50 years. Although there have been many models since the original 911 was unveiled to the world in 1963, this latest one, designated the 991, brings with it a step change in the levels of state of the art technology employed on the vehicle. Developments such as electromechanical power-assisted steering and stop-start technology for the direct injection  flat six engine make the 991 one of the most advanced production sports cars available.

Accompanying the all aluminium-bodied road going models of the new 911 will be the race-prepped, GT variants which will employ some of the very latest developments from the electronics team at Cosworth. The project to develop the systems for these race trim models has taken place over the past 18 months at Cosworth’s Brookfield Technology Centre. The resulting products build on the proven power of our Sigma operating system and Hyllus control capabilities combined with the intuitive nature of our Omega and Common Hardware Platform technologies to create a new evolution of products.

Thomas Buckler, Sport Business Unit Leader, Cosworth
“The team at Cosworth has enjoyed working with Porsche, using our experience and capabilities to supporting the development of technologies suitable for such a landmark race car as the 991 GT3 Cup”

【考斯沃斯携手保时捷991 GT3】保时捷推出的新一代911 GT3赛车将配备考斯沃斯的ICD短跑记录器和IPS 32电源管理系统。911首次在世界亮相是在1963年,而最新的化身是已经登上赛道近50年的第七代跑车,车辆采用先进的技术水平:如机电式助力转向和停止启动技术,直喷式水平对置六缸发动机及全铝制车身。



Nobushige Kumakubo drifting in R33 GTS at MSC Hong Kong 2013

Nobushige Kumakubo drifting in Nissan R33 GTS in MSC Hong Kong 2013, and qualified 6th place in the international series. He marginally lose out to Saito Daigo in Top 8 knock-out, check out this on-broad video!

熊久保信重駕駛Grid Motorsport R33 GTS在MSC香港漂移大賽2013,在國際組排位賽取得第6位。他在8強淘汰賽勉強輸給齋藤,看这个車載視頻!