Venetian Macau Drift Show 2010

Venetian Macau Drift Show 2010

Since last year’s success, the 2nd Venetian Macau Drift Show continues with a fresh new lineup. Last year with lower power cars of Nissan S14 NA and a R34 GTT line up has been much upgraded to a 600bhp Toyota Altezza and 350bhp Nissan Z33.4 Fairlady. Due to my gearbox problem I sat this show out with my Toyota Supra

The show area was slightly obscure as it was in an triangular shape, with 2 massive pillars in the middle, we just need to make use of what’s on offer and adjust the drift lines to expose the crowd to the max in terms of excitements. The initial show schedule was a round of donuts around each other, sequential figure of 8 and 5 rounds of high speed, max angle PK tandem chase with the drift line stretching across the crowd. Trust me the crowd really did get blown off… haha


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